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Le Pen is a right-wing nationalist in the vein of Donald Trump, consistently preaching against globalisation. She is part of the Front National, a party founded in 1972 by her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, a homophobe and Holocaust denier. Among her campaign promises are temporarily suspending all immigration and putting French interests first, which she claims other leaders have not done. If she’s elected, France will almost definitely pull out of the EU, which will probably be the end of the system, which has simplified trade, travel, currency, and immigration among the approximately 28 members.
The United Kingdom is in the midst of pulling out of the EU, following a shocking vote in June. After xenophobe Donald Trump won the Electoral College in November, many are worried that France will follow the U.K. and U.S.’s lead.
Le Pen is no friend of LGBT rights — she wants to reverse marriage equality — but still somehow has gay support. Micron supports marriage equality, but strangely said he sympathised with opponents of same-sex marriage.