Communications giant @Vodafone has been named one of the best employers in the world when it comes to providing an inclusive environment for LGBT staff.@voda

Compiled by UK-based charity Stonewall, the list recognises organisations that are making meaningful strides in achieving LGBT equality across multiple areas including policy, staff engagement, leadership, procurement and community engagement.

Anthony Welton – HR D@irector of Vodafone – said providing inclusivity and opportunity to LGBT employees was not only morally right but business-savvy too.

“As a large employer we believe we have a responsibility to take a lead on issues that are important to our staff and also to our customers,”

“We know we are at our best when our people are at their best and being an inclusive workplace is an important part of achieving that,” he added.

Kirstin Te Wao, Vodafone New Zealand’s diversity and inclusion lead, agreed with Welton and said the company was actively encouraging a deeply embedded culture of inclusion.