A jury found Jabreeh Davis-Martin guilty (Left image) of murdering veteran Jodie Henderson (right of image) with a barstool.

“I feel good. I feel good,” said Henderson’s mother Patricia Forrest.

It was an afternoon of celebration but also one of reflection.

“Jodie was a very intelligent young man that wanted something in life, and they took him away from us,” Forrest said.

Henderson was beaten to death with a barstool and porch railing spindles by Davis-Martin, a family friend. Investigators say Davis-Martin killed Henderson over jokes about a romantic relationship between the pair.

One of those investigators says he’s glad the jury made the right decision.

“The feeling is for the family, yes. Somebody spoke for a man that couldn’t speak for himself, and that’s what we do,” said St. Joseph County Metro Homicide Unit Det. Brian Cook.

But Forrest says justice isn’t quite served for her son. In court Prosecuting Attorney Chris Fronk pointed out a lot of discrepancies in the testimony of Davis-Martin’s mother.

He says those discrepancies called Davis-Martin’s whereabouts around the time of the murder into question.

“Now go get the mom and the grandmom and the cousins and uncles and whatever they were that did this. That helped. They had something to do with it too,” Forrest said.

Forrest claims Davis-Martin’s family helped hide evidence, like her son’s jacket, wallet and cell phone. She says until others are brought to justice she won’t be able to rest.

“Because if y’all let them walk free, suppose they come and hurt us?” Forrest said.

Davis-Martin is scheduled for sentencing on July 21. He could face between 45 and 65 years in prison.

Henderson’s National Guard commander came from Anderson today to be with his family when the verdict was read. Forrest says the support meant a lot to the family.