They got married, had children, got divorced and then changed their gender.

According to testimonies from Haaretz newspaper when the custody hearings began, social workers recommended taking the children away from transgender parents.

The Welfare Ministry says there’s no guidance on the subject, and perhaps that’s the problem.

Haaretz has learned of 10 different cases of transgender parents who were prevented or had their relationship with their children limited by the social services because of their gender change.

This was done by using various claims stemming from the gender change that the welfare services see as:

‘detrimental to the best interests of the children.’

However, it appears to be just a partial estimate of the extent of the phenomenon, since the active organizations in the transgender community (including the Aguda, Maavarim and the Gila Project for transgender empowerment), as well as lawyers involved in the field, say that the numbers are much larger.