Collectif TBD Models founded by Todd Hanshaw and Balthier Corfi, is a successful Mother Agency working with new talent.  We develop young talent into successful working models.  Building their books, teaching them the ins and outs of the business, shooting them in editorials in top magazines and in turn placing them with the best agencies around the world.

When the atrocities towards the LGBT community in Chechnya began to come to light, we knew it was a call to action.  This is when we learned about Rainbow Railroad and the wonderful work they have done.  It is necessary to do what we can to raise awareness to these atrocities around the world and help by doing what we do best.

Combining our talents we have created this beautiful work of art that is the calendar we are asking you to buy.

Rainbow Railroad receives hundreds of requests for help every year from countries where LGBT individuals are open targets of violence.

Because the volume of requests are so high, they focus their efforts on assisting the LGBT people who have faced physical violence or face an imminent threat of violence, Imprisonment or death.

They have been successful in helping individuals from the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East where they have local networks to support and validate cases.

To learn more about this organisation and their work please go to