Two transgender women were gang-raped and at least two others were physically abused in their own home in Karachi, Pakistan.

A group of men broke into a house rented out by a group of transgender women and allegedly subjected them to physical and sexual abuse when they refused to entertain them,”

In a video shared on social media, Sindh Transgender Network (STN) Area Coordinator Sapna said,

Three of the five accused men have been identified, whereas the identities of the other two remain unknown.

Police involved are also being criticised for their handling of the case, Police only recorded the complaint on paper but did not submit the women for examination after the rape as is the standard practice for any rape case reported, also that the police have not visited the women to ascertain their safety after the attack.

“We are planning to petition a court to get the police to register the offence in full,” a spokesperson said.

Protests are currently planned in Karachi Pakistan, not only for these cases but for the Murder of a Transgender woman a week earlier in the Defence district of Karachi.