An apparent Nazi sympathiser has been allowed to spout vile comments in support of Hitler’s persecution of gays during the Second World War live on ABC radio.

A Victorian man, by the name of Don, called into Melbourne’s ABC Radio with Jon Faine during a debate on gay marriage.

But instead of putting forward a sensible argument, Don said he believed it was right that thousands of Gay men and women were put in concentration camps during World War Two.

When informed that 23 other countries have equal marriage laws, Don said: ‘It’s irrelevant. We’re Australia we’re not the other countries.

‘Hitler had all those kind of people in their own concentration camps – it’s one of the two good things he did. The other one was to build the autobahns.’

Despite the sickening comments, the caller was not booted off of the taxpayer-funded radio station.

Mr Faine made the caller repeat himself twice, possibly not quite believing what had just been said live on radio.

But instead of cutting him off, Faine’s response was:

‘We’re going to have to agree to disagree on that.’

The radio host continued: ‘You know Don, there is an old saying in public policy… when people invoke Nazism for or against an argument you pretty much know you’ve lost.’

Don outrightly disagreed with that statement.