In a victory for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, the House of Representatives on Wednesday passed on second reading a bill banning discrimination against persons on the basis of gender.

By a voice vote, the 293-member chamber approved the “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE)” bill, which recognizes each person’s fundamental right to be free from discrimination regardless of sex, age, class, status, ethnicity, color, disability, religious and political beliefs, sexual orientation or gender identity.

The proposed law will prohibit discriminatory actions toward LGBT, such as denial of access to private medical or health services on the basis of gender and refuse admission from any educational or training institution.

Under the bill, offences shall be penalized with a fine not less than P100,000 but not exceeding P500,000 and imprisonment of between one year and 10 years.



Source: Inquirer