Macklemore took to the NRL grand final stage to sing hit-song Same Love, complete with rainbow smoke displays.

Australia is in the middle of a national non-binding survey which asks voters if they think the law should be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry. For this reason, many called on the NRL to ban the performance because it politicized sport.

Former rugby player Tony Wall even started a petition to ‘protect children’ who might watch it.

Crowds waved and cheered along as the Thrift Shop singer paraded on stage with his fist held high in solidarity with the LGBT community. At the end of the performance, he shouted: ‘Equality for all!’

As the pair performed, a screen behind them in the stadium lit up with messages of support for the LGBT+ community, encouraging equality in all of its forms as multicoloured balloons fell onto the audience. Fireworks and lighting also lit up the stage to show all the colours of the LGBT flag.

The decision to perform was a wise one on many levels, as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ song ‘Same Love’ went on to reach number one on the Australian iTunes chart. Macklemore later pledged to donate the proceedings made by this resurgence to the campaign for marriage equality.

The vote in Australia is a postal one, but even if the ‘Yes’ vote does get the majority of the votes in the responses given, the poll is a non-binding one and the government will have their final say.

Running for two months, the postal vote comes to an end on November 7, with early opinion polls suggesting that the majority of Australians will be voting with the support of same-sex marriage.

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