The Coptic Church in Egypt has organized a conference called “Volcano of Homosexuality” which aims to teach others how to facilitate gay conversions and to help achieve a fast recovery from homosexuality.

“Volcano of Homosexuality,” which was organized by St. Mark’s Orthodox Coptic Cathedral in Alexandria, features lectures from a “homosexuality healing specialist” on how to successfully carry out gay conversions. As of the moment, the Coptic Church has not yet set a date for the conference, The New Arab detailed.

News of the “Volcano of Homosexuality” conference broke after seventeen individuals were detained on Sept. 25 for raising an LGBT flag at a concert in Cairo by openly gay indie band Mashrou’ Leila. The band is now in danger of being banned from the country, and an Egyptian lawmaker has called for laws that impose 10-year prison sentences for homosexuals.

Christians and Muslims in Egypt consider homosexuality taboo but do not explicitly prohibit it. The Coptic Church also views same-sex relationships as “immoral.”

During a landmark visit to Australia in August, Coptic Orthodox Church Patriarch Pope Tawadros II talked about same-sex marriage and said the Holy Bible does not mention anything about it. He was asked about the issue amid the heated debate in the country ahead of a postal survey on the proposal to change its marriage laws, SBS reported.

“There is no – at all – same-sex marriage,” Pope Tawadros II said. “Therefore this marriage is completely refused from the Christian faith.”

“When God created man and woman and for them, the first family was made by man and woman,” he added. “This is not acceptable and it is considered as a sin. It’s sin.”

However, Pope Tawadros II expressed appreciation for Australia’s multicultural society. He thanked then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for “the presence of the Coptic Church” in the country and highlighted the importance of unity in Egypt.



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