Gay rights groups in Taiwan today expressed disappointment at the statement that the Prime Minister Willian Lai, Stating: “approval of gay marriage in this legislative session unlikely

The groups asked Lai, at a press conference, to “give priority to same-sex marriage, since the delay only hurts those who expect their rights to be recognized and only strengthens the voices against”.

Activists in favour of gay rights held a demonstration outside the Presidential Palace in favour of same-sex marriage on 16 October, a date that marks the second anniversary of the suicide of a gay French man on the island because of the legal restrictions.

In May this year, the Council of Grand Justices in Taiwan, which functions as a constitutional court, ordered that all legal restrictions were eliminated and that marriage between same-sex couples be recognised within two years.

The Prime Minister justified the delay in the submission of the laws to obey the order of the Constitutional Court by the urgency of a debate on the issue from the central government budget.


Source: El Periódico