Pulse, the no-budget film, created by filmmakers Daniel Monks and Stevie Cruz-Martin, was screened at the Busan Film Festival in South Korea. The film was previously screened at the Sydney Film Festival to great success and now finds itself in international screens.

Pulse is about a young gay man with disabilities who changes into the body of a beautiful woman in order to be loved.

Daniel Monks, who is gay and disabled, stars in the film Pulse alongside Caroline Brazier in the film. Monks wrote the script and longtime collaborator Cruz-Martin directed the feature.

The creative duo, who is originally come from Perth, has previously made several short films together. Monks were named WA Young Filmmaker of the Year at the 2014 WA Screen Awards. 

For Monks, the story was developed from his own personal experience. When he was eleven, doctors discovered a large tumour on his spinal cord. Complications from the initial biopsy left him a quadriplegic.

Monks told SBS Sexuality that it was an experience from this period of his childhood that formed the basis for the film.

During this time of his adolescence that the writer/actor was becoming aware of his sexuality, and from his wheelchair he witnessed the young boy he had a crush on beginning to date an attractive blonde haired girl.

“I remember thinking, ‘what if I looked like her, he’d be looking at me like that’,” Monks said. “I had such a disconnect from my body, it didn’t feel like my own anymore. I didn’t recognise it.”

After he was treated by acclaimed surgeon Charlie Teo, and months of rehab, Monks was able to regain the use of his left side which had been affected by the tumour.

Source: Out In Perth

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