Isauro Aguirre has been charged with murdering his girlfriend’s 8-year-old son because he believed the boy was gay.
Over the course of 8 months, he beat & tortured Gabriel Fernandez until he died, according to lawyers in California.
Amnesty International has condemned Russian authorities for fining a human rights activist for sharing links on LGBT rights.
Technology giant, Tesla is being sued by an ex-employee of a third party contractor who alleges anti-gay harassment at the company’s car factory in California.
Jorge Ferro claims he was fired after complaining about threats & homophobic taunts.
The first issue of Playboy magazine since the death of its founder, Hugh Hefner includes the brand’s first transgender Playmate.
Ines Rau isn’t the first trans model to feature in the publication, but she is the first to be granted ‘Playmate’ status.
And finally, scientists have revealed that the world’s oldest living animal, Jonothan the Giant Tortoise is gay.
The 186-year-old and his partner Fred are two of the last remaining individuals of their species after hunting almost wiped them out.