Hello, and here are the international LGBT news headlines from Pinksixty.

The Egyptian government is to consider a new bill which criminalises gay people and those who support LGBT rights.

The draft bill proposes jail terms for same-sex activity, displaying the rainbow flag or supporting pro-gay legal reforms.

Dana International has added her voice to the throng of women around the world revealing their stories of sexual harassment.

In an Israeli newspaper, she recounts an attempted rape and being questioned on live TV about her genital status.

The Financial Times has published its list of the world’s top LGBT role models & allies, with Qantas chief Alan Joyce topping the list.

OUTstanding also has more transgender representation than ever before, with HSBC’s Stuart Barette topping the future leader’s category.

Today is Intersex Awareness Day with a call to end unnecessary medical procedures on children.

There’s also a demand for governments to acknowledge this practice as torture and offer reparations.

And finally, Ryan Murphy’s new project is boasting the largest ever group of transgender actors ever cast in a scripted series. 

‘Pose’ follows a group of people living in New York in the 1980s, juxtaposing Wall Street with the drag balls of Harlem.