The Victorian Greens will move a motion in support of marriage equality in the state’s lower house next week.

If passed, Victoria will follow many other state and territory governments that have moved similar motions in New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory.

Greens MP Sam Hibbins said in light of the current postal survey it was important for Victoria to publicly back same-sex marriage.

“Sporting bodies, unions, companies, and local governments have all recently expressed support for marriage equality,” he said.

“It’s now time for the Victorian parliament to show its support for marriage equality.

“Victoria is one of the few states that hasn’t passed a motion in support of marriage equality and it really prides itself on being the rainbow state, so at the moment it’s the odd one out.

“This motion will demonstrate parliament’s support for Victoria’s LGBTI communities.”

Greens candidate for Northcote, Lidia Thorpe, similarly highlighted the support a motion would demonstrate.

“I’m standing alongside our LGBTI communities in the face of this hurtful, unnecessary postal survey,” she said.

The Greens will substitute their allocated matter of public importance debate on a motion in support of marriage equality on November 1.

Under the assembly’s standing orders, they will need the agreement of the Premier and Leader of the Opposition to do so, who have both already said they support marriage equality.


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