Hello, and here are the international LGBT news headlines from Pinksixty.com

Fourteen-year-old Giovanni Melton was shot and killed by his own father on Thursday, with friends saying it was because he was gay.Melton’s father has been charged with murder and child abuse, in Henderson, Nevada.

Voting in Australia’s same-sex marriage postal survey closes Tuesday this week. The deadline for postal voting has already passed, but forms can still be hand-delivered to the offices of the Australian Bureau of Statistics in major cities.

Twitter has apologised after it was discovered the company had blocked searches using the word ‘bisexual’.Over the weekend they said they were working to fix the problem, but it was still unresolved this morning.

A new, online LGBT property service launched today, allowing users to access international listings and mortgage advice.Property Equality has been developed by LGBT Capital, in association with AAG Wealth Management.

And finally, Starbucks has released their Christmas TV spot featuring a lesbian couple at the heart of the animation.The pair are seen leaning in for a romantic kiss over a coffee as the snow drifts around them, before revealing the tagline, Give Good.