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Following the 292nd mass shooting in America this year, Gays Against Guns protested yesterday at the office of senators Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio to demand gun reforms.

Seven people were arrested during the demo, which preceded elections across the US today.

The Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey ended today with late-comers delivering theirs by hand right up to the last minute.

Counting is underway and the Australian Bureau of Statistics will release the results next Wednesday.

Gay men in South Africa are warned that they’re being targeted for extortion by gangs using dating apps.

A number of men have been lured into traps, beaten and robbed after arranging to meet guys who turn out to be violent gangs.

Sir Elton John was awarded the Humanitarian of the Year Award on Monday by the Harvard Foundation for his work in supporting HIV & AIDS services.

His charity, the Elton John AIDS Foundation has raised over the US $385 million since 1992.

And finally, producers are teasing Will & Grace fans over whether or not Cher will appear in the festive special in December.

They told fans that despite being a bit of a diva, first time around, they had discussed her return this season.