Ten pubs in Sydney and Canberra have received letters demanding they stop using Transphobic slur term ‘tranny bingo’ for their events.

Sydney law firm Allens sent the letters on behalf of trans advocate Katherine Wolfgramme, the Herald Sun has reported.

Other similar bingo nights around the country have changed their names in acknowledgement that ‘tranny’ is generally considered a transphobic slur.

The letter sent to one pub, the Pendle Hill Hotel, read, “We are writing to inform you that the use of the term ‘tranny’ in the description of the event, and the subsequent use of that term in related advertising both in and around Pendle Inn Hotel and online, is highly offensive and distressing to our client.

“Our client is not requesting that the event ceased. Rather, her request is simply that you change the description of the event and associated advertising.”

Pendle Hill Inn has stopped running ‘tranny bingo’, while none of the other pubs who received a letter has taken action.

Daniel Floyd, also known as the drag queen and ‘tranny bingo’ host, defended the event name.

“We knew the word was a little bit taboo and a little bit naughty but it was almost re-claiming the word,” Floyd said.

“A lot of HR policies in corporations believe the word ‘tranny’ would be classed in line with the words ‘poofter’, ‘faggot’ [and] ‘homo’ when used in a negative way.

“But we use the word tranny with love and inclusivity. We feel we can still use the word and we will if we want to.”

Floyd plans to change the name of the event to GenderBender Bingo but says the decision was made months ago.


The legal letter says that if the event marketing is not changed as requested by December 22, further action will be taken via the Australian Human Rights Commission.

But it seems that since the news was reported by multiple news agencies that Penelope Tration has now brought the name change forward and has now changed the promotional material in line with the term ‘GenderBender Bingo’.



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