Dragula performance artists, The Boulet Brothers hail from New York City, starting out in the gay clubs of the East Village.

“Good evening, ghoul-friends.”

Their unique blend of drag and horror developed as they travelled the US, eventually putting on weekly shows, called ‘Queen Kong’ in Downtown LA and a monthly offering called ‘Dragula’, which spawned it’s own reality TV game show – with season two premiering in time for Halloween.

“My name is Swanthula Boulet and I live in Los Angeles, California.”

“Hi, I’m Dracmorda Boulet and my empire is located in Los Angeles, California.”

Dracmorda and Swanthula Boulet (obviously not their real names) don’t do anything by halves, with their ‘Queen Kong’ nights attracting rappers, drag queens, queer icons and everything in-between.

‘Dragula’ attracts some of the most creative, filthy and fabulous drag queens in the city, as they battle to win a cash prize, a crown and the title of Dragula.

In ‘Queen Kong’ and ‘Dragula’, the Boulet Brothers have found an appreciative audience who put as much thought and time into their presentation as the boys themselves.

A TV series was the obvious next step, with ‘DRAGULA: The Search for the World’s Next Supermonster’, bringing the event to a global audience.

Following its initial launch in 2016 as an online series, season one has been reformatted for TV broadcast and is available through OUTtvGo in Canada and Amazon Prime in the UK and the USA.

Described as “one of the most shocking seasons of queer television ever to be broadcast,” Dragula Season two pushes the boundaries of taste, decency and artistic expression to new levels.

“Meet our monsters.”

Ten drag queens from around the world have been chosen to compete in a series of outrageous physical and mental challenges to test their creativity, bravery and stamina in hopes of snatching the crown and becoming the World’s Next Drag Supermonster, taking drag back to its queer, underground punk origins and away from what the pair consider the ‘normalization’ of queer culture through shows like ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’.

From November, the Boulet Brothers begin their first ever UK tour, starting off in Cardiff, Wales before moving to Glasgow in Scotland, bringing their unique, jaw-dropping spectacle to a new, live audience.

“We’re all gonna go back to the mansion now and you can return to your crypts for the night. Unfortunately, one of you will not be waking up tomorrow.”

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